Increase Your Total Profits

Determine a prediction for which decision now will bring you the most profitable results in the long term.

Determine a prediction for the ideal price and quantity to maximize total profitability for each good/service you offer.

See the prediction for which good/service is expected to be most profitable for you as time continues.

See into the future.
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Grow Your Revenue

Determine the incremental steps to reach your long term revenue goals.

Determining monthly and daily revenue requirements for those goals to be met.

Determine a prediction for funding required to meet your long term goals. And how that changes as you adjust your revenue allocation towards marketing.

Reach your revenue goals.
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Manage With Ease

Calculate the requirements and costs to satisfy an order.

Determine your break even price and quantities of each product. Start-ups can determine a prediction for funding required to break even

Determine what you need to sell to satisfy your monthly/daily revenue requirements.

Track your company's progress, and develop reports to present it.

Guessing is inaccurate.
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No one cares about you.I’m sorry if that seems harsh, I’m sure there are a selective few that truly care about you.But in reality the majority of people don’t care about you, or your business, they care about themselves. And if you want to get their attention you’re going to have to help them. If you want someone to do something for you, you’re going to have give them a very good reason why they should.“ There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth.” — ChanakyaYou’re going to have to help them, in…..

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Before I begin I’d like to thank FastUpFront and Courtney Seiter for showing me some of the excellent design tools incorporated in this post. Also like to thank Casey Monroe monitor of the Google+ community “Google Small Business Community” (excellent community by the way) and Belinda McElroy a fellow member of the community for helping me come up for the idea for this blog post.I had posted in the community (21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic) by Rand Fishkin when Belinda mentioned “if only there were two of me” in reference to the extensive time commitment involved in blogging. A thought that…..

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